Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day!

Boy have we really had the rain! We came up to the mountains on Sunday and it started raining that night and hasn't stopped. Ellijay made the news with flooding of the rivers and creeks. This summer our little creek would dry up in the heat of the day and today it is nice and big. I really feel sorry for the people who are dealing with flooding. You are just so helpless when that raging river swells out of it's banks.

Terry has been watching our big pond and I have been watching our little fish pond come over the banks. Hopefully my fish will stay at the bottom of the pond. I think the hawk has been visiting my pond while we've been gone. My largest orange and black koi has disappeared... boo hoo!

I think of my mother always saying "survival of the fittest" as I noticed my fish disappearing. That made me think of other little sayings that she would tell my sister and I... "Pretty is as pretty does", when she was trying to emphasize something regarding our behavior. I was talking to a friend about how important your parents are. They really do influence the direction of your path. Hope that I am teaching important things that someday my kids will say, ... my mother use to say... and right now I can't think of anything that I say. That's not a good sign.

I decided that I needed to walk around outside and see what all of the wetness was doing. I think when it has rained a bunch one of the things that you notice are the mushrooms. They pop up everywhere and on my walk I began to see all kinds of neat mushrooms. Along the path that I was walking it looked like a deer had gone in front of me and was pulling them up and then eating some.
The first one that I saw was down by the garden tucked into the grass and weeds, a white one that had alot of the pretty flutting.
Then the mushrooms that looked like they had been pulled up. First the brown one that was upturned and had a bulb at the bottom of the stem.

This mushroom was small but had a really long thin stem. Also a different mushroom from the others I'd seen, but it too, had been pulled up.

The one thing that all of this rain has done (and it's not just the recent rain) is the weeds in the garden have gone completely crazy. When I walk in the garden they are as tall as I am. I was picking okra but think I'm not wanting to even go in there anymore till the cold knocks it down. I haven't seen weeds like this before, I guess they loved the fertilizer we put on the garden.

You can also see the gourds growing on the fence and I thought I'd give you a close up. One is a cannon ball gourd and the others are bottle type gourds. They are still blooming like crazy too. I thought that the blooms were pretty too.

This is what Terry hates when it rains and washes out the driveway. The inlet end of the pipe was completely covered with mud, so he had to open it up again. We were lucky though, Terry doesn't have too much to fix and you can see I saw lots of pretty sites that the rain helps to create.
Terry's view of the rain is the driveway... my view is the wet woods that feels so damp but looks so sparkling clean.