Monday, February 9, 2009

Great News!

Well I received these pictures today from Todd, my youngest son, and thought that I would "blog" about them. First, I did ask him if it was okay to share the pictures and he said it was fine. I know he is really proud of what will soon be his more complete family. Todd and Lori are going to get married April 25, 2009. So Terry and I are thrilled to be going to have Lori and Ava join our family.

As I have talked about family before, it means so much to have family. We look forward to celebrating special occasions and being apart of Lori and Ava's lives; just as we are glad to have them a part of ours. I look at them sitting on top of Stone Mountain with the beautiful world around them and I'm so happy that they are happy. You know how Mothers are, they always want the best for their children and grandchildren.

So this morning as I was making back the sofabed where the girls always like to sleep (I think because Toby like to jump up their with them) when I keep them, I asked Terry if he thought the three girls could fit on the sofabed. He thought so, for awhile anyway, till they get a little bit bigger. It is exciting to watch Michael, Alexandria and Bailey growing up so quickly before my eyes; and now we'll have Ava too. They grow up really fast so we need to enjoy them while we can, they do reach an age where it's not quite as cool to be with grandparents.

Left is Ava (5), center is Bailey Hope (6) and Alexandria (9) on the right.
Don't they look like they are just brimming with energy... and my what beautiful girls they are.