Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plein-aire by the lake in stormy weather...

Yesterday was my day to paint with Southern Colours and we had planned a plein air day at a little park not far from St. Stephens. The weather forecast was severe weather and so most of them were planning to paint at Kudzu since the St. Stephens was having services. A few of us were really wanting to paint outside so I thought I'd see how it was at Briscoe Park under a pavilion... not too bad, but then the weather started looking better and I thought the little park by St. Stephens would probably be okay too.

So we met at the little park to paint. The weather wasn't wonderful but that sort of made the scene more exciting too. When we set up I discovered I had forgotten my easel so I wound up finding a post to sit my box on to paint. Worked out fine in the end but narrowed my view and sometimes that is just what I need.

Here is my start and close to finish. I was using the Mark Hanson limited palette of Rembrant Permanet Red, M.C. Graham Ultramarine Blue and Cad Yellow Light with white. I had never used this before, but the other day Sallie and I went to Binder's (I had birthday money) and we got the special colors we didn't already have. The red is beautiful. So it was a new adventure, new place to paint, new palette of limited colors, and stormy weather! I had a lot of fun and was pleased with my start... needs just a little tweaking here and there.

Have a very blessed Easter with your families! ... Sally

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My What a Day! Bitter with the Sweet

I have so many things to tell you today I don't know where to start! First of all.... the big 60 is tomorrow.... the BITTER; but my goodness the SWEET WAS INCREDIBLE!

My sister Becky had a surprise birthday at her home in Gainesville for me. Boy you cannot imagine how shocked I was. I sort of suspected that just maybe she would have my kids and grandkids over and have a family party, but this was a real shocker!

As Terry and I got there, my grandson, Michael was playing ball with Becky's son Alex and grandson Maddox. Just what I thought... a family party which I thought was terrific. So I go into the backdoor and in Becky's kitchen (I think they were singing) bunches of people. I saw Diana, Ron and Beth then realized it was Southern Colours; and other friends and family... a huge crowd. I couldn't believe that they were all there for me! I had a fabulous time with family and such SPECIAL FRIENDS. I got some pretty special presents too, it is pretty SWEET to be 60 and know that people really do care about you. Or was it the food... that was pretty good too and Becky always has everything to perfection. She is a really special sister... wouldn't take anything for her.

I received many beautiful presents that you all shouldn't have done, but they were all wonderful and best of all the cards... they are always wonderful and make you feel so good or are really cute and make you laugh.

I'll have to just tell you about the most unusual one from Carl and Sallie. I got a beautiful piece of copper... to make my morning glory vine! On my previous blog I was talking about the gate that Terry is building and how I want to make a vine, birds and a bird nest to go into the top opening of the gate. In addition to that I got a Sallie Atkins handmade bird's nest made of copper, brass and other wire... it is just beautiful, plus a wonderful poem.

"To Sally with a Y"
I have a friend named Sally
Who simply is the best.
No matter what the challenge,
she tackles it with zest.
Her husband made the framework,
for their new garden gate.
It needed decoration
and Sally couldn't wait.

From many metal pieces,
small leaves and vines she wove.
To add to her creation
Here's a bird's nest made with love.
From Sallie with an ie

So I am still amazed as I went through the beautiful cards again after we got home. You all are really special and I really do care about each one of you! Thank you all so very much for making me feel really special.

Just had to send this picture along to you too... they were just beautiful.
My sister and her green thumb, she gave me a beautiful white rose that I hope loves my mountain house and will thrive up there.
Thank you all again.... Sally