Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day With My Sister

Today I decided to go and spend the day with my sister, Becky. As I mentioned before Becky is a Master Gardener (she is also a really good artists with different priorities). It is really something how as kids you can fight and squabble and then all of a sudden when you grow up everything can change. You find you want to be together, like best friends, but different.

I will give you a little tour of a "Gardener's Yard". First of all, I think that the light must just shine different on yards like this. They have beautiful vistas everywhere you look, even secret gardens that you have to look for. Do you see these iris blooming... I have never seen iris blooming at this time of year, but I think she said it was some variety that is brand new. That is another thing, all of these "brand new" things I think are only shared with these special "Master Gardener Groups" because they pamper and spoil their plants. With me it's prepare the soil?

She has flowers still blooming everywhere. I really believe some of them are mixed up because they are blooming and shouldn't be. There are some really unusual and strange plants too, the purple one, datura, is just fabulous looking and look at that gorgeous foxglove.

Becky's little grandson, Maddox, is really lucky. She has fixed a children's garden on the upper level of the yard, complete with pot man and gourd girl. There are gnomes and a flying pig, that Maddox calls a bug. When she turns the pig on and it's wings start flapping he just gets so excited. There is also normal stuff too like a sandbox.

Becky made gourd girl and pot man, she also did the big feet complete with glistening toenails in the foreground of the pot man picture.

She is making hypertufa pots, and troughs and all kinds of things out of concrete mixtures; like the feet that lead the way to the children's garden, leaves, planter pots, troughs, and mushrooms.

Well, I'm worn out from visiting her. She never rests; busy, busy, busy all of the time. As I look around my home and yard, I'm trying to decide what to do next... I'll just have to think about it for awhile. Sally...