Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been awhile...

Seems like the summer just arrived but now it's almost gone. The grand kids are starting school, not like we use to after Labor Day, but the first week of August. Just doesn't seem right to me. I was looking back and thought that I would update you on progress in Ellijay.

The garden has been growing great and requiring lots of attention. When you are part-time gardeners it can get away from you very quickly. We have been canning and freezing beans, squash and okra, but to date we still haven't picked a big, red, ripe tomato. I have picked maybe a dozen of the Roma plum tomatoes. My Beefsteak and Better Boy plants haven't even thought about getting red. So we are still waiting to have a good ole tomato sandwich. The gourd plants are starting to climb up the fence and put on gourds, while the sunflowers are starting to bloom. It is the little variety that is blooming first. Hopefully I'll have some big ones bloom a little later. I gave up on the weeds, just couldn't keep up with them at this point. The vegetable plants are strong enough that it doesn't seem to be bothering them now, just doesn't look very pretty.

Terry finished the gate entrance, with help from Michael. He came up and Terry had him laying block and rocking. I think they did a great job. So on my directions now I can't say turn at the rusted red iron gate anymore.

Our Granddaughters came up the first of the week and we had fun with them. They helped in the garden picking beans, squash and okra. I can't believe how they are all growing up so quickly. We also had fun with some art projects. They love riding on the four wheeler and Alex is mastering Michael's little motorcycle now. So I think they had fun too before going back to school. Bailey is the more girly girl and Alex is the tomboy right now.

Terry and I are going to go on another trip in the camper. He's decided he wants to go to Michigan up by the Great Lakes. So we'll be off doing that next. I can't believe how friendly the Chinook campers are. They have a website and he is a member of it. When he mentioned we were going to Michigan some of them have campsites and offered for us to stay there.
Take care until later,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starting a new chapter...

Well Terry and I have started a new chapter in our life... I'm afraid that it is called "Old Age" but I hope not. We've decided that while we can we are going to travel. In order to do this we have bought a small motor home or RV. Our little Chinook is 21 ft. long and has a small kitchen and bath so we will be fully self contained, plus it is fairly economical for a motor home.

We are on our "Shake Down" trip now. We decided to go to Gatlinburg and the Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee, through the smokey mountains. The scenery was really beautiful coming over the mountains. Thought I'd attach a picture of the beautiful vista and also our new toy.

We are having fun... and I guess that is what it's all about. Terry and I are not big shoppers so that isn't what we have come for, but we have managed to buy a few things that we've found we need for the camper. We are in a really nice camping area by Waldon River with all of the utilities, etc. We have taken walks after dinner, looking at the "rigs" that these people have and it is unreal how some of them travel.... real luxury. I think some of the people live year round in their motor homes. We don't plan on doing that... we miss Toby. In the beginning we thought we would take him, but then decided that that wasn't a real good idea. He just wouldn't have enough room, etc. He stays with Pat and Greg and they like to spoil him too.

So, we are doing pretty good with our camping so far. I've only set the smoke alarm off once while I was cooking breakfast! The dishes and pans that I bought so far seem like they are going to be fine... I'm looking for really space saving stuff... all of the bowls nestled one in another and go in the microwave. There isn't alot of room so I have to have it really super organized and I'm not quite there yet.

I am really hoping to become a better plein air painter with this new venture. I painted this morning for about thirty minutes and was pleased, even though I need to make some corrections to it. Those two trees are really the same size, but I do know that I need to make one bigger than the other.

So we've started that new phase and so far I like it.

Take care, Sally... "Along Waldon Stream" 9"X 12" Pastel